Actionable Long-Term Goal Examples for College Students

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Why Set Long-Term College Goals?

As a high school student, you might have had your life all planned out. But, now that you are in college, it seems that you’ve lost your resolution. Maybe you aren’t even sure what you want to do anymore.

Consider setting long-term goals. These are goals that you want to happen in the future. For example, you may aspire to get your dream job after graduation. Typically, long-term goals will take you more than 12 months to complete.

The Importance of College Goals

Long-term goals are a great way for you to set your path toward the future. Not only will they put in writing what you are working toward, but they can also keep you motivated. Your goal is right in front of you, and it can keep you going.

In college, it is easy to get into a rut and lose focus of what you are trying to achieve. After a hard class or semester, you can look at your long-term goals to remind you of what is important and what you want when you graduate.

Creating Long-Term College Goals

  • Specific: College goals need to be specific to what you want to accomplish, like graduating cum laude.
  • Measurable: You should be able to track your long-term goals using small stepping stones, like getting all A’s this semester.
  • Achievable: Make goals that are reasonably within reach. For example, if you’ve been struggling to pass your courses, don’t set a goal of graduating with a 4.0 GPA. This might be unrealistic.
  • Relevant: Set goals that are relevant to your college education and future career. For instance, you wouldn’t want to strive toward getting an engineering apprenticeship if you plan to go into medicine.
  • Time-Bound: You need to set a specific end date to look forward to, like getting your master’s degree in two years.

When you’re just starting out in college, it is important to get your goals set. You’ll want to write these out and keep them somewhere you can see them and mark them off as you complete them.

Have a 3.0 GPA Upon Graduation

You can modify this goal as you go along for your academic achievement, but this keeps you working hard in your classes. And, it’s achievable. It is also specific and relevant to being in college. You can also break this into smaller goals to help you reach your desired GPA, like homework and grade goals.

Complete Your Bachelor’s in Four Years

Get Accepted into a Graduate Program

A goal to get into graduate school is a perfect one to break down into smaller actionable steps. You might work the steps into getting high GRE scores and getting references from your professors.

Complete General Education Courses First

Many times, the general education courses might seem boring or dreaded. Students might also want to get right into what they are studying. By setting a goal to get these out of the way first, you aren’t putting them off until the end.

Publish an Academic Paper Before Graduation

Not only will publishing an academic paper look good on your resume, but it is also a great long-term goal to set for yourself. It will show your commitment to your field and really push you in your desired degree program.

Learn a New Language Studying Abroad

It is important to experience other cultures and get outside of your bubble while you are in college. Setting studying abroad as a long-term goal can help you look beyond just academics and think about the connections and networks that might help your future. Plus, a second language is a great skill to list on a resume.

Long Term Goals List with Examples & An Easy Technique to Achieve Them

What is the definition of a long term goal? It is simply an objective that you want to accomplish in the future, but one that will require a significant amount of time and planning. It will most likely take years, not months, to achieve and in many cases reaching the long term goal will also take several smaller steps during the process.

  1. Become a Leader in your Field
  2. Be Your Own Boss
  3. Find a Career You Love
  4. Get a Degree
  5. Buy a House
  6. Save Enough to Retire
  7. Finding a Life Partner
  8. Fund Your Children’s Education
  9. Become a Millionaire
  10. Learn a Foreign Language
  11. Be a Better Parent
  12. Generate Passive Sources of Income
  13. Invest in Real Estate
  14. Become Debt Free
  15. Declutter You Life
  16. Go on Your Ultimate Vacation
  17. Increase Your Level of Fitness
  18. Live Abroad
  19. Learn a New Skill or Trade
  20. Become a Mentor
  21. Research Your Family Tree
  22. Reach and Maintain Your Ideal Body Weight
  23. Learn to Cook Like a Chef
  24. Turn Your Passion Into a Career
  25. Write a Book
  26. Learn How to Sing
  27. Give a TedTalk
  28. Create an Online Course
  29. Start a Club
  30. Create a Podcast
  31. Start a Blog
  32. Master a Video Game
  33. Be Able to Type Without Looking
  34. Have a Credit Score over 800
  35. Invent Something
  36. Compete in a Fitness Competition
  37. Watch all the Oscar Winning Movies
  38. Conquer a Fear
  39. Learn a New Software Program
  40. Get Straight A’s

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