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How to Write and Publish a Book for Free

How to Write an eBook and Make Money for Free Self Publishing

Imagine the sound of someone flipping through the pages of your new eBook. What would it feel like, waking up every morning, knowing that you are spicing up the internet sphere with some valuable information packaged as an eBook?

I am pretty sure that this is not the first time you have always wished to write your first eBook. You’ve had this thought a couple of times, and you have always brushed it off, with some flimsy excuses like:

However to write your first eBook is not complicated as it seems to be. Producing top-notch content that readers would willingly exchange for their dollars is not rocket science either.

You see, if really want to do something, we will find a way. If not, we will look for excuses. I have been a victim of procrastination before. I would simply push forward anything that would appear to be more demanding at the moment. What this resulted in are piles of uncompleted tasks whose deadlines are long overdue.

Benefits of Writing an eBook

1. An Authoritative eBook Spices Up Your Personal Brand

Think of what it takes to think of writing a book, eventually writing it, marketing it to finally have it as a talk of the day by your targeted audience. If you believe in your book, you are not going to rest until it gets downloaded, read and reviewed by those you specifically wrote it for.

2. eBooks are Great Sources of Income to Bloggers and writers.

3. eBooks are Great Giveaways Incentives to Grab Your Readers Email addresses.

Email marketing is becoming a very important strategy to sustaining your blogs, both for the continued and assured percentage of traffic to your website, and as customers for your own products and services or affiliated ones.

In this case, you are willing to give away your great eBook for free, in exchange for their email addresses. And just because it is a giveaway, do not offer junk! Loyalty is hard to build, yet so easy to break. You don’t want a high rate of unsubscribes, do you?

Four Tips on How to Write an eBook for Free

Learn Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Learning search engine optimization or SEO is a must if you want search engines like Google to find your eBook. If you don’t know how you better sleep. It is better to sleep than spend your time writing an eBook that search engines cannot find.

A recent event like issues and adaptations to COVID-19 could be on top of the list. Use long-tail keywords, meaning, words that precisely define what people know, not just a simple, one-word keyword which is broad.

For example, “adaptations to COVID-19” is better than just adaptations. It is more specific. If it so happened that you are the only one who wrote about it, then the search engines will index your article, or perhaps an article that describes your eBook on adaptations to COVID-19.

Find Your Niche

I cannot overemphasize the importance of knowing something you are well familiar with–your niche. Writing about where you are good at will require less effort. But of course, you can always learn something new.

Writing about something that you are also passionate about will produce significant dividends. Talk about those things that capture your interest. The readers will notice your enthusiasm, and you will get a following.

In my case, I write about my lessons so that I could link to them when I write my modules. This approach has become handy during the pandemic because I already have a string of articles to prepare my course modules. I either link to my articles or copy them and re-write, adding some more information and improving the content. Having had written more than 600 articles, I can now compile and write an eBook for free easily.

Find a Good Book Writing App to Write an eBook for Free

Although I use both of these book writing apps, I find Lyx more convenient to write an eBook for free after studying its use for several months. I still discover new features after using it for more than five years. And it’s open-source, which makes it a nifty application to write an eBook for free.

On the other hand, Scrivener is a great book writing app, especially in organizing your thoughts. It works best for those who use Mac or those fond of WYSIWYG word processors. However, you have to pay to obtain it as it is proprietary. Learning how to write an ebook for free requires patience and a desire to learn something new.

Subscribe to a Grammar, Spelling, and Plagiarism Check Service

I subscribe to Grammarly, not only because I need to check grammar and spelling issues but also to save time editing my articles and books. It can also warn me if I forget to rephrase statements that I quote online. But most of the time, I just read references and write it myself through memory.

As a Grammarly subscriber, I also feel more confident in my writing as it backs me up. I get to use a lot more variety of words that effectively convey what I mean. It significantly improves my composition.

Write a Pillar Content Online

Pillar content is an article composed of more than 500 words. For SEO purposes, a good practice is to write at least a 600-word post. Search engines, notably Google, like long, quality posts that are informative. Indeed, it’s a post-worthy to read. Just make sure that you make it enjoyable to read.

If you get many likes, then that’s a good measure of how well you write your piece. I wrote an article that garnered a lot of likes and comments. More readers of this article convert to more eBook sales. That’s the post on the Guide to Conceptual Framework Development.


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