Novel’s Explosive and Highly Controversial Subject Matter No Fear for Glenneyre Press

When 4 friends inadvertently destroy somebody and consider to cover up the crime with a fire, you get difficulties. When that fire only succeeds in creating far more bodies you get the recipe for harmful fiction.

Very first-time author Alex Damien makes use of friendship, medication, murder, terrorism and betrayal as essential components to cook up an unforgettable and haunting thriller in The Doomsday Club (196 pp., tpb, $ 10.95), published by Glenneyre Press.

Screenwriter and Function Film Director, Bert Lovitt (Prince Jack) claims “The Doomsday Club reads like a bullet train. I couldn’t place it down!”

Damien considers himself a graduate of the school of challenging knocks. Soon after developing up in foster residences as a child in Los Angeles, he nearly escaped a dead-end lifestyle by winning a Nationwide Merit Scholarship to Cornell University. Unfortunately, individuals Ivy-League dreams went up in a puff of smoke when he and two pals have been arrested for auto theft.

Even though bouncing all around Europe carrying out odd jobs, he made a decision to get significant about creating following a friend turned him on to the novels of John Fante. In time, Damien would come to recognize that his fiction voice would not toe the mainstream line but would carry an edge as sharp as a street punk’s switchblade. Presently, he lives in Los Angeles where he has begun work on a 2nd novel and is collaborating on a musical about the Donner Celebration Massacre.

Claims Glenneyre Press Editor-in-Chief, Jon Harris, Alex Damien is the new voice of harmful fiction. When asked about the controversial nature of The Doomsday Club’s dark topic matter, Harris explained: Art doesn’t shy away from controversy. What Alex Damien has accomplished right here will thrill readers for generations to come.

The Doomsday Club is accessible at Amazon,,, and pick bookstores.

ISBN -9768040–X

For far more information, speak to Jon Harris at 206-350-1677 or [email protected]

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