Student Tips

How to Survive College Studies


  1. Study Life Integration


While you may feel pressured to keep studying while everyone else is having fun, you can be more productive if you invest in self care and your social life. We are not suggesting that you party all night, but it may help if you join a club, attend meetings, and eat out with friends. Studies show that stress relief helps students retain information better and get higher grades. Don’t push yourself too much. Find a way to combine your studies with things that make you happy.


  1. Note Taking Hack


Instead of typing your notes, it is best to write them down. Laptop users usually type verbatim information which is not conducive to lecture retention. Studies showed that writing down notes on paper seem to help students do better in tests. Writing on tablets haven’t been tested yet, but trying the writing method may help you do well in exams, homework, and more.


  1. Flashcards Really Help


While reading your books or resources, you can create flash cards that you can use to test yourself before exams. Flash cards should have micro answers that express the idea of the answer to the question. Find a system that works for you and try to write things down instead of using digital flashcards. If you want to recycle paper, use whiteouts if you are done with your flash cards.


  1. Meditate Daily


Research has shown that mindful meditation and kindness and love meditation works well for students. The results show better state of mind and better exam results as well. Due to the time constraint in schools, meditating ten minutes a day can actually improve your overall disposition just as much as an hour-long session of meditation.